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Leg Length Discrepancy Support

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Hi, My name is Connie and my son Billy has a leg length discrepancy.   I'm interested in talking with other families/individuals dealing with this issue, both for support and to share information on the latest treatment options.

I have created an online support group on Yahoo, and am trying to get the word out in the cyber community.  I am including a link to the support group above.
My son was born with a leg length discrepancy due to Caudal Regression Syndrome/Sacral Agenesis.  He was missing the left half of his sacrum, and this affected the nerves to the left leg.  Because of this, his left leg was smaller, shorter and was missing muscles and an artery below the knee, and he had a clubfoot. 
By age 1, he had a 1cm discrepancy which grew slowly and steadily until he was about 6 years old, and it stabilized at about 4.5cm for a couple years.  Then again, at about age 10, his discrepancy starting increasing again until at age 11.5 it was up to 6cm (he was projected to have a discrepancy of about 9-10cm at full maturity).  At this point, due to his above average risk of complications because of his unique leg anatomy, his doctor decided it was time to do his first lengthening.  He only wanted to aim for 2" (5cm) to allow for as little problems as possible, and get the rest later on.
There is a link called "Life with a Fixator" above which chronicles our journey through this process, and provides pictures.  I hope it helps others who are going through this, or will be in the future!

Billy with 5.5cm LLD prior to 7/11 clubfoot surgery